Documenting Texttranscripts of Sources

I usually put transcriptions of old parish books into notes attached to citations as well as a picture of it as a media. This citation is attached to eg the birth or bapt event.
Now another researcher suggested to put it into notes attached directly to the event.

So my question is: what ist the place the gramps community preferes?
cheers Uli

Personally, I put the information in the citation. The scan and transcription is the citation. But I also use the Narrated Web when sending branches of the tree to cousins. The NarrWeb shows images wherever found in the database.

As a compromise, leave the scan of the original on the citation while putting the transcription note on the event. Many reports will not pick up an image in the event gallery but will display an attached note. Test it out in your most often used reports.

I do the same, put a transcription copy in a note with the event/citation, however I save very few images unless they are very significant. I put the URL of the found record/image in the Vol/Page field because it it goes out in a gedcom upload and I can look at it if needed.

The Scanned images (normally high quality JPEG) and transcriptions (as ASCII files) are added to the citation gallery.

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