Did you try to to contribute on the wiki but give up?

Hi Brian,

Did you locate the place were the welcome message can be changed? What did you think about the possible text proposed in this message

The thread has expanded into bigger change for the wiki, but it wouldn’t hurt to change the welcome message so unnecessary accounts aren’t created.


Nope, I did not find it. The ConfirmAccount documentation indicates that a admin or bureaucrat level users will have to do that browsing.

As for the message, I think it needs a bit of tweaking. There’s no need to push that the tool is MediaWiki at that stage.

Hi! We’re glad you want to help us improve the Gramps documentation! With this account, you’ll be able to contribute to the Gramps community by editing wiki documentation, translating it into other languages, or simply comment on pages that need improvement.

You won’t need to create any account if you just want to read the documentation, to download or to use Gramps. And reporting a bug, subscribing to the MailLists, or joining the discussion forum use different tools requiring other accounts.

Shall we proceed with creating your wiki editing account?

With your edits, the message is looks good, thanks!

Is it an admin in the Gramps group who can help with modifying the ConfirmAccount page, or is it a MediaWiki.org admin listed here?

I believe the Gramps-Project hosts its own MediaWiki installation. But that’s a guess.

So it would an an admin (or perhaps a Bureaucrat) on our domain, not the MediaWiki.org domain.