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First try on this forum.

I had to change Gramps from Windows to Linux before returning to Windows.

My linux was a virtual machine running on my Windows PC and sharing the windows directories of my genealogical data: photos, gramp databases, etc.

On Linux, I therefore changed the paths in Gramps to indicate those pointing to the subdirectories of the shared directory.

When I returned to Windows, in my Gramps preferences, the family tree path had remained good, pointing to the Windows style path (C://genealogie/databases …) but in the General tab , the media path continued to point to the Linux style path (/patrice/genealogie/images …).

So I think that the former must be stored in an .ini file and that the media path must be stored in the database(s?).

Functionality or bug?

Both paths are stored in the gramps.ini file found in your gramps user directory. You can change the base path for your media files in the Preference General tab.

The path in the actual media records are stored in the database. Storing media records using the relative path setting allows easy movement to a new base folder… all you need to do is change the base path in preferences.

This is not what I found. So it’s a bug

Yes I know that but I’ve found the linux path in there, so it don’t come from gramps.ini I don’t share this file between windows and linux

Yes. The ‘Family Tree Database path’ is stored in the gramps.ini file (the database.path key), and the ‘Base path for relative media paths’ is stored in the database and also exported to Gramps XML.

This is intended functionality and allows a different media location for each family tree.

As far as I can remember, you can use either forward or backslashes in relative media paths. These can be replaced using the Media Manager tool if desired.

My Bad

Seeing Nick’s post had me looking at gramps.ini again. The ini keeps track of the last media folder accessed to add a file to a record. What I was seeing was not what I thought it was.


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