Deep connections vs Associations

If I have an association in a person record, the Deep connections gramplet directly finds the link between these two people via this association, even the continue button does nothing (it finds via other ways but always stops on the association).

It’s interesting to have that association link in the report but is there a way to make the gramplet continue to search through the normal channels, ie through the lineages of both people?

With association


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And likewise, an option to ignore links in Notes would be helpful.

Deep Connections also has a distressing habit of side-stepping through all the siblings in certain situations. (I think it was double cousins.)

An awkwardness for my particular tree is that one uncle is a cousin 2 generations closer in one line. So Deep Connections ignores my direct lineage in favor of his indirect but generationally-nearer connection. So it’s necessary to temporarily excise him from the family to make it work.

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