CSV import problem

Hello, and first, I apologize for my bad English.

I had a tree with about 800 people done in Excel. I wanted to pass this tree on Gramps. After entering around 80 people on Gramps, I realized that the stain was going to be too big.
So, I reformatted my Excel tree to csv in Gamps format. After a csv import on Gramps, everything is ok for places and families, but individuals do not matter.
I first suspected an error in my csv, but I did not find any inconsistency.
So, I did the test to export the tree of 80 individuals made under Gramps in csv export. Then to re-import this csv file created by Gramps into a new tree.
I have the same problem as with the csv that I had created with my 800 people, everything is ok for places and families, but individuals do not matter.

My question is:
I am not following the correct Gramps csv import procedure.
Or there is a problem with the csv import in Gramps.

My Gramps is installed on a mac mini, so not in Windows version.
MacOSMonterey 12.0.1
Gramps 5.1.3
sqlite 3.18.0

If anyone had an idea for me to move forward.
In French, will be ideal.

Kind regards

Gramps should be able to import a CSV it created and store all the data in the CSV. So if this is not working, there may be a bug. I suspect that there might be some translation problem in the column headers for French (the import code getting slightly different translations than the export). I say this because when used in English this always seem to work for me.

If you want to attach a very small test with one or two families, exported from Gramps and which doesn’t import correctly, we could do some debugging with it.

If you’re right, Thierry should be able to test this, by running Gramps in English, which is probably the easiest when done from the command line/terminal, right?

We have some old instructions here:


And since MacOS is a sort of unix, maybe the LANG construct still works.

@Thierry is this something that you can try? You need to change the column titles to English then, and you can see what they should be by making another export with LANG set to en_US.UTF-8 I presume.

Excel was doing bad things to my data. Gramps names & places can include quotes & commas. Either the Excel export was not adding the right Escape codes or the Gramps import wasn’t parsing it correctly. Ether way, CSV was not working well for me.

@SNoiraud just did enhancements for Tab Separated Values instead using Commas. (Thanks Serge !)

The enhancements are targeted for release with the 5.2 version. But you may want to try patching a 5.1.x version.

prculley, ennoborg, emyoulation,

Thank you for the explanations which seem to confirm what I thought.

I have found a way around the problem.

I found a small program that transforms an Excel file (saved in scv), into a GEDCOM (.ged) file. This program is called “TRANSGED”. The input format is also very close to my original Excel file.

I used the program to create a GEDCOM backup, which I imported into Gramps. It worked very well, and my 714 individuals are fine in Gramps with all the links between individuals.

Thank you again for your time.

Have a good day.



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