Correcting the spelling of Names

In many genealogies, the are a LOT of namesakes. So they qualify names thoughout with Birthyear-deathyear or with pedigree breadcrumbs.

Perhaps Gramps could have something for People that is similar to fully qualified Place titles which uses those formats, then we could make that the 1st (sorting) column?

Sometimes it’s good to have firstnames unsorted: in not grouped people view and in some other cases.

To avoid these issues, I’ve created this SuperTool script to set or unset this sorting mechanism:

[Gramps SuperTool script file]


Individus - Sort_as des individus groupés


# The last Format entry in name preferences must be / La dernière entrée du Format des noms dans les Préférences doit être: Prénom, Patronyme[nom]
# /!\ Do not checked Commit Changes, it's implicit in the script/ Ne pas cocher Commit Changes, le commit est explicite dans le script

sort_by_fn = True # By firtsname / Par prénom -> True; By lastname / Par nom -> False 

if sort_by_fn:
    sort_order = -1
    sort_order = 0

nobjs = nameobjs
if "<<" in db.get_name_group_mapping(nobjs[0].get_group_name()):
    modifie = False
    for n in nobjs:
        if n.get_sort_as() != sort_order:
            modifie = True
    if modifie:
        db.commit_person(person, trans)







Note that I use if “<<” in … as test to find grouped people because I name them all like that. You should probably need to change this.

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