Correct merge different spelling

Gramps version 5.1.5 om Linux MX KDE
I have the same person spelt differently and I want to merge into one. The problem is that some of the information is used in the one spelling and some in the other. For example the correct parent’s names and dates of birth and death are with the one spelling and the correct children information is in the second spelling. How can I merge the two to save all the data in one name. TIA

Except for the ID, most of the other information is saved when you merge persons, meaning that the merged person will have two names, unless Gramps detects that they were identical before merging.

This goes so far, that when you merge persons with identical birth dates, and places, Gramps will give you a merged person with two identical birth dates, and you will have to delete the duplicate yourself after merging. This is also true for notes, sources, etc.

Relations with parents and children are kept too, so in that area you will also never loose information. And here too, when you merge two persons that both have two parents, the merged person will have four parents, or rather be a child in two families. And that situation will stay there, until you merge the parents too.

Thank you for that information. I was worried about losing information but this sets my mind at ease.

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