Copy one person between two files

In one file I have a person with a huge amount of events, etc etc.
This same person has now cropped up in an other part of my research. I do not want to merge these two separate files because of this single person. What is the best way to go about copying all the events belonging to this person, including sources, citations etc from file A and then bringing them into B with as least a hassle as possible?

Win 10

Create a custom filter that contains just that person. There is a filter option to filter on the person’s ID.

Then create an export. Use the Gramps XML no media option.

On the Export options page, put the filter for the person in the Person filter slot. For the Reference filter, switch the option to “Do not include records not linked to a selected person”. This limits events, sources/citations, places, notes, etc to just the objects used by the person.

Then import the exported file into the other tree/database. You may have to merge places and sources if they already exist in the second tree/database.

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Thanks Dave,
In addition to places and sources the Import also imported over 50 media paths of files that somehow belonged to persons in the source file. I also needed to review and change all imported media paths of media files, although I previously copied them to the correct folder. I found and deleted them easily, but am wondering if I missed something.

In the future, the Media Verify tool could have searched the new media folder for these imported media records and corrected the paths in the Gramps record. This assumes no edit of the raw media file was done and that the media is stored in the base media path set in Preferences for the database.

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