Console window flashes upon starting Gramps

5.1.3-2 Gramps version (heavily patched) on Win10 Home

I just updated Add-Ons and was applying Serge’s patch to fix the Merge does not convey the Home Person setting. (Thanks @SNoiraud !) The next time Gramps started, a console window appeared & disappeared too quickly to read.

There wasn’t a message in the Session Log Gramplet either.

So I started Gramps in the Console mode instead. The following message appears:

ERROR: Failed reading plugin registration
‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xa9 in position 247: invalid start byte

There were 2 compressed/compiled files in the ReviewReport addon that didn’t look like they belonged. The non-printable character at position 247 was a ‘start of heading’ (SOH) character. (The 6th one in the file.) Looking at the raw file in Notepad++ indicated is might be a macOS file that accidentally got into the update archive:

After moving them out of that folder, the error not longer reported to the console window and no window flashed. However, that window still flashes when launching from the standard GUI app launcher!

Any ideas on the next step of isolating?

I am guessing that the ReviewReport addon is the one that I sent you via email in Nov-20, which is not in git. The folder should only have 2 files ( and I will send you a fresh copy of the addon for you to test via private email. I have added a number of other options since I sent to you, including a report that echos the censuscheck gramplet for a filtered list of people (still in testing).


Thanks! I was able to resolve the error message for the ReviewReport by eliminating those extra items.

However, I think there is another add-on failing to initialize. The next step is probably to start Gramps in safe mode then start winnowing down the set of Plugins by halves to find the offending plugin.

No wonder I could not find it!!

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