Changing event privacy in bulk

Is there a way to change the privacy setting of a number of events all at once? I have around 3000 that need changing - not very eager to do it manually by opening each and every event window…
I’ve made a filter that selects the ones that need changing; just not sure if it is possible to take the next step, and can’t find anything about it in the wiki or the forum. Please tell me it can be done! :slight_smile:

Yes it can be done. I’ve created a SetPrivacyTool addon which does that, but based on years not a filter.


Thank you - that’s a very nice tool, and I’ll keep it in mind for later, but unfortunately it doesn’t help.
I want to use it for events that have part of the description in common, but have happened over the course of the centuries. I want to keep them in my database, but they clutter up reports, so I thought I’d leave them out by setting them to private.
If you made a special addon for this it doesn’t sound like a feature that’s hidden somewhere! I did find out that Gramps will open many events at once; that does speed up the work process quite a bit. I think I’ll be using the forced time off these days to just race them through.

@Mattkmmr, would you consider adding a couple more options to your Set Privacy tool?

I regularly overlook setting the Privacy flag for eMail addresses in the Internet tab as well as recently-dated records in the Addresses tab.

Since eMail addresses are young as the net & addresses in the last 20 years are within the ‘living’ era, it would be appropriate if they were ‘private’

It would be nice to be able set these to Private en masse.

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I created a pull request with the enhancements for Set Privacy Tool including internet objects and addresses. :smiley:

I hope it helps and please let me know if you find any bugs or problems. Custom internet types aren’t supported yet.


Wow! Filtering added too! (Added your screen capture to the wiki. And have tweaked the text for the new 1.0.9 version.)

That’s a nice upgrade. Thank you!