Change Form ID?

After installing the Forms plugin, creating some custom forms and adding quite a bit of data I decided I didn’t like the Irish Census forms (the shared attributes don’t quite match what’s on the original forms) so I created my own versions. I have no idea how the form data is saved in the database, but I’d like to change the form ID so that my amended form could be used to edit the data already entered. Is this possible/wise?

Gramps 5.4.1, Manjaro Linux, SQLite

Yes, if you use the same field name for fields in old and new xml definitions. So you can reorder them or add fields, but not rename or delete fields. If you do it, entered data will not be lost but not displayed in the form window

Ah, so if I use the same form ID in custom.xml it takes precedence over the original form. Thank you!

Originally I had changed the form ID in my new definition, thinking it would conflict with the default one.

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