Can Non-programmers contribute to 5.2?

There are a bunch of ancillary pieces that need to be prepared for 5.2 version. Is there a way that non-programmers can work on those pieces to take load off the developers?

A bunch of reports have marked as interconnected on the MantisBT Enhancement Request & Bug Report database. Most are probably too technical to be adopted by users. But we can probably do stuff like adding Lat/Long values to the Places in the example.gramps tree so that the Geography view modes can demonstrate more features. Or cleaning up the GEDCOM 5.5 sample tree so that it doesn’t have any non-compliant data. (Except for those that are used to demonstrate how non-compliant records from some sources will be handled in an import.)

But that leaves the question of how do we submit changes to the sample files?

Connection ID Status Type Description
related to 0010480 confirmed Feature Requests [Example.gramps]When installing Gramps install the sample files in a more accessible place for users.
related to 0010327 confirmed Feature Requests [MS-Windows] Default backup path name
related to 0005729 resolved dsblank Feature Requests Proposal for default media directory
related to 0009232 confirmed Feature Requests Default base path for relative media paths is inappropriate.
related to 0005570 confirmed Feature Requests Allow windows environment variable %USERPROFILE% to be used
related to 0010328 confirmed Feature Requests [MS-Windows] Base Path for Relative Media Path Default Name Revamp
related to 0009313 confirmed Feature Requests Provide a means to set the base media path similar to GRAMPSHOME
related to 0009636 confirmed Feature Requests Add setting to specify where base path where reports will be saved
related to 0010802 resolved prculley Gramps Family Trees/Export View/CSV fail due to default destination not being sensible
related to 0012185 confirmed Feature Requests Add Import as a [New Family Tree] menu option with no Tree loaded
related to 0011580 acknowledged Feature Requests Add-on preferences file locations be standardized
related to 0012203 confirmed Feature Requests [Example.gramps]Example person cited in Display Name Editor is not included in Example.gramps
related to 0012362 new Gramps [sample.ged] Sample GEDCOM file has 5.5.1 standards violations
related to 0011906 acknowledged Feature Requests [Feedback]Change default settings to improve new user experience (a few suggestions)
related to 0012394 acknowledged Gramps [Example.gramps]Example.gramps changes needed for v5.2

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