Can a user-written gramplet add a "tip of the day"?

In a general discussion about usability, my daughter asked an interesting question. When developing a gramplet, is there a programmatic way to add a gramplet-specific “tip of the day” to the list of tips that might come up? This would be a tip that might be displayed only if the gramplet is installed.

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The Tips are stored locally with the program files at \share\gramps\tips.xml [or may be viewed from the project’s data folder on GitHub]

The problem is that the program folders (at least on Windows) are protected. It requires administrator rights so an addon could not alter any of these files.

I have no idea if the code to run the tips window could be altered to have it recognize and use more than one xml file; the default tips.xml and a tips.xml found in the user directory.

FYI: The code for the Tip of the Day is at \gramps\gui\

Thanks for the reply, Dave! I figured there was probably no existing framework for adding user-written, gramplet-specific tips. My daughter just came up with an interesting idea, and I rather like brainstorming wild and crazy ideas.

This sounds like a good possible expansion for the Tip of the Day feature… Maybe convert it to a Dashboard Gramplet with filtering (like checkboxes for: introductory, advanced, add-on) options too.

While looking at how Weblate works for translation statistics, I noticed that some of the Tips are becoming inaccurate due to revision of Gramps and external changes in standards. So maybe having them stored in the User Directory instead of the core would make them more updatable.