Where is the gramplets.ini file

Gramps on Windows

In Gramps 4.x I found the gramplets.ini file but have failed in version 5. Can someone help me?

All the ini files will be in your user directory’s version folder. On your Windows this would be c:\users\%userprofile%\appdata\roaming\gramps\gramps51
Note: AppData is defaulted as Hidden.

Now it will depend on where you have loaded the Gramplet. Gramplets loaded on the Dashboard are in Gramplets_dashboardview_gramplets.ini Any other Gramplet loaded in either a view’s Sidebar or Bottombar will be in that view’s sidebar or bottombar’s ini file. ie People_personlistview_sidebar.ini

Note: any gramplet settings will only be retained in these ini files while the Gramplet remains attached to the view. Remove the gramplet, its settings go away

There may be a few third-party addons/plugins/gramplets that will have an ini file in the plugins directory.

Is there a particular Gramplet you are interested in?

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