Where should little .INI files live?

.ini files are starting to spread too far and wide. What is the guidance for where add-ons (and built-ins) should locate initialization files? Or, where can I find that guidance?

I just installed an addon Gramplet for testing. It creates an .ini file popped up one level from the plugin itself, in the `gramps51/plugins` folder.

Some of the addons put .ini files at that gramps51/plugins level:

  • GraphView
  • IsotammiConfig
  • IsotammiExport
  • libwebconnect
  • PersonFS
  • PlaceCoordinateGramplet
  • TimelinePedigreeView

The RestoreHist tool puts its .ini within the tool’s gramps51/plugins subfolder.

built-in and add-on View modes, custom filters, the Plugin Manager Enhanced, and Gramps itself put their .ini files in the gramps51 folder

CardView (in addition to the 3 .ini files for each added view mode) creates a ‘gramps51\templates’ folder for the per database .ini files.

reports, tools and recent files create .xml files 1 level above the gramps51 folder. The temp and the thumb folders are also created here.

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