Book missing page numbers

I’m generating a book from my gramps database and I have the index page showing page numbers, but there aren’t any page numbers on the pages of the book. I’m generating the book as a PDF document. How do I get the page numbers to show up?

I’m using Gramps 5.1.2 on Ubuntu Linux.

Generate using the Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF, also known as OpenDocument) instead of PDF.

Gramps inserts hidden indexing marks around the elements (so that additional pages/sections can be inserted or margins adjusted) and lets the desktop publishing application deal with all the re-pagination issues.

You can add page numbers in the section footers using tools meant to handle the complexities of variable section formatting. (Like Roman numeral sections, appendices section prefixes, subsection numbering format schemes, exceptions where page numbers would be distracting, etc.)

There have periodically been requests for page numbers in the PDF footers. And there’s always a flurry of interest. But research always comes back saying that PDF hard-codes footer page number. And a discussion ensues with the conclusion that: people almost always tweak “final” reports so the complex task of segmented footer pagination in something as inflexible as PDF isn’t worth the effort.

Use a more flexible format & post-process the footers. Output the PDF from there.

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Thanks. I generated a second copy of the book using the OpenDocumentFormat and ended up with an odt file that I open in LibreOffice. I see that I can add a footer there. However I notice that the table of contents doesn’t print; it just says “Contents”.

I figured out the Contents issue, I need to right click on the Contents section and Update Index, then it’s populated.
@emyoulation thank you for the assistance.

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