Best practice for migrating from Ahnenblatt

Do you think I can just remove the relative paths stored in _ALTPATH and let the importer evaluate the absolute paths stored in FILE?

I am not using the $HOME environment variable here. I specified the absolute path on disc.

Yes, absolutely. If the files exist in the path specified in that FILE line, they will be found. You can also leave the _ALTPATH lines and delete the GEDCOM import notes afterwards, that’s up to you.

When I read the feature request, I don’t see many other interesting tags, except for the _RUFNAME. We have a field for that, that only supports the German variant, but I suspect that the _RUFNAME tag will not be imported into that field.

In my country, the call name is often a shortened version of one of the official given names, so that works different from the German one.

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I just checked two GEDCOM files, one exported by RootsMagic, and the other by Gramps, and I see full paths in both. And I know that most of my paths in Gramps are relative.

The latter can lead to some surprising results, and some my paths in Gramps have …/… in the GEDCOM. That is because they actually refer to files outside the base path.

P.S. where you see three dots, I actually typed two. The extra one is probably because Discourse treats these as markup.

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