Backup and undo history

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Some utility gramplets give a warning message before starting that tells me that if I need to go back to a previous action, I should stop with the gramplet and back up my database.

I wonder suddenly what is the relationship between saving the database and being able to keep the undo history? Is the history saved with the database at the time of a backup?

There are some gramplets/tools that perform batch edits on the whole database. When done, it has erased the current “Undo” history list. You cannot “Undo” what you just did. The only way to get back to the database as it was before running the gramplet/tool is to import the backup the tool warns you to have ready (if needed)…

And no, the Undo history does not get saved with the backup.

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Think of it as setting a Restore Point.

That gives you a chunky Undo for when such operations do too much to be undone.

The operations typically do multi-stage changes. You can’t go back 1 stage because the database might reference something that was no longer in existence. Gramps would evaluate the Database as corrupted.

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or do you mean does not exist, yet?

No. The database might have done a merge as a stage & not necessarily in the same sequence as you expect. (Since Merge adds a Attribute with the old ID)

So going back 1 stage might have references to IDs that no longer exist in that form.

So that kind of odd situation is a good reason for a warn & flush of the Undo History.

Make Restore Point (backup) before automated mass changes is a standard precaution in any database application.

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so going back can restore a reference, but what it refers to has been previously deleted and cannot be magically created, again. so, that reference can be a dangling one. can this not be detected?

ANYthing can be detected & handled.

But when you measure the value & overhead trade-offs… stepped Undo of multi-stage mass updates just isn’t worth the costs or penalties.

Especially when the problem is so easily avoided. And this choice has already been made.

There are other things that are far better uses of limited coding resources. (Like simultaneous merge of all aspects of attributes when merging a duplicate Person.)

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