Anyone using Notion here?

Me, sure! But who else?

I’ve the idea to use both Gramps and Notion APIs combined together to export my gramps data and automate their import into Notion databases in wich I’ve my family biography, photos, anecdotes, etc. But also linked to them, my genealogical projects and actions. Both are linked together as you can see here (projets généalogiques on the left side on a web browser or at the beginning of the page on mobile, just after the table of contents).

I don’t know yet how I’ll do that but it’s in the air…
Does someone else have already thought about that? Already made something?

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Nope (didn’t even know Notion existed), but sounds like an interesting application. You could write an integration that pulls data from the Gramps Web API and displays it in notion. Since it’s Javascript, you could probably reuse some snippets from Gramps.js.

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Yes, I do use notion, but as a tool for research logs, customer registration and research. Not directly in combination with Gramps.

After surfing pages on the Notion website, I gave up.

The site is so overloaded with marketing hyperbole about being able to do everything but wash & darn your dirty socks.

And I’m still scratching my head saying “yes, all that sounds great… but WHAT is Notion?”. I have little notion. I gather it has something to do with editing notes & collaboration. From what David said, it is a JavaScript utility.

How about telling us in brief: what is Notion?

Yes note taking, with the possibility to connect notes…
Have a look at Want an Online Genealogy Research Log on Notion? Let Me Show You How! - YouTube

Set up your own research log.
Endless possibilities…


It’s difficult to define this web UFO. It’s databases, web pages, wiki, and more. It’s Trello, OneNotes and Evernote under steroids.

Databases rows are pages and columns are page attributes. Attributes have a type (text, date, checkbox, relation to another database, calculation, …). You can define databases views filtered and sorted on attributes, display all or some of them, using different display types:

In a page you can include text (markdown), objects (image, pdf, tweets, Google maps, …), links to other objects, views of other databases. These views can be filtered using their own attributes or if it’s linked with current page database with its attributes. Objects in a page (text, image…) are named blocks. You can move blocks, they each have an URL you can address, they can be shared between different pages.

You can share pages or databases you choose to the web, share your workspace to collaborate with other people, create multiple workspaces (genealogy, work, …).

And interact with the content of your databases thru Notion API with Zappier,, … or your own program (my question).

I think I’ve listed Notion main properties and functions. I hope you see more what Notion is.

About usages: you can use it as your research log but also as your web site, your projects management tool, your to do list, your external links database, your personal knowledge management tool and more.

If you want I can post some screenshots.


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