AIO package default 'PATH'

After finding that I was unable to modify my add-on to display the image metadata using Exiftool, I contacted one of the developers who built a Python interface and his comments at Exiftool location · Issue #62 · sylikc/pyexiftool · GitHub , as I understand them, imply that if I could manually copy the necessary executable (and its supporting data) one might be able to still use that plug-in.

Question: is there such an equivalent place or local variable which could be tweaked so that Exiftool and its support data could located?

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emyoulation commented Dec 19, 2022

The Command Line Interface “version” options for the Gramps executable will list paths for your installation. The text-based list includes Python and the OS environment variables.


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see my reply at: Exiftool location · Issue #62 · sylikc/pyexiftool · GitHub

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Have you looked at this EXIF section of the gramps/plugins/lib/ in the 5.2 version?

I have in the past, though I am not sure what you think I would find.

The interface to the Exiv2 library is part of the base Gramps code, as I understand things and that would include code to support the Exiv2 library, but I have not thoroughly tracked down just how this code is prepared for Gramps.
I currently have way too many irons in the fire to try and also look into this issue.

What is the content of this directory in your PYTHONPATH: C:/building/msys64/mingw64 ?

(I’m looking too for a way to be able to use external python libraries, and for instance I can’t find it)

Since I don’t have msys or ming installed, that path is meaningless on my PC - I am assuming you’re referring to a Win installation?
Though I suspect that having either installed would not help with the problem of grafting in external libraries or applications

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