Age on events, why is it rounded up?

If an event is when a person is 31 years and 7 months, why is the age coloumn rounding it up to 32 instead of listing 31?
Wouldnt it be more logical on how we use age more in the real world? Most people wouldnt call themselves 32 years when they are 31 and 7 months.

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See this Bug report 12422

and a Pull request I submitted


Ah, ok. Didnt know that was there.
Rounding up can be nice when its about something else, but is in my opinion bad idea at peoples ages.

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The following seems to be in error
A person was born 3/3/1898 (that’s march 3rd)
And married 25/11/1916 (that’s november 25th)
Gramps calculates persons age at marriage as 19 years
while in truth it was 18 yrs 8 months 22 days. Which I would display as 18 yrs old
Windows 10, Gramps AIO64-5.1.5-1 (Dutch)
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This has been discussed in pull request #1301 and bug report #12422.

Rounding up an age does seem rather odd to me. The argument given was that rounding is useful for incomplete dates.

Perhaps we need an option as suggested in the bug report.

If you don’t use rounded ages you’ll get the good value:

You can set this in your Preferences:

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