Calculating age for burials

In my research I have an individual who dies a day before his birthday. Being aged 36. His burial is is being done after his birthday. Age being calculated as being 37. Which I find strange. The person will never age beyond 36. I would suggest the age NOT to progress after death.


Yeah, I agree, burial event should probably not have any calculated age at all.

There are lots of places where “would have been” ages are used in genealogical references to provide extra context. Certainly in an exhumation they refer to the age of the remains.

And in a burial, they are burying remains, not the person. So the corpse was 37 when buried. (Ignoring the arguments abut age being counted from conception.)

If you haven’t run across it before, some headstones are put in place decades later and stone masons were give rite dates (baptism and funeral) found in church records rather than actual birth & death dates. It is very aggravating when these pop up.

In the Family object, the ages are counted in parentheses before the marriage event.

They could also be for events after death event in Person object

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Don’t parenthesis usually indicate negative numbers?

Are those parenthetical number for the children? Perhaps indicating how long that date is before their birth?

You’re right but it’s for family. Parenthesis could represent another concept in person object.

In all my 40 years of research I have never needed AND have never seen the burial age being calculated. A person is a legal entity of which the age can be calculated. A body is a thing. When buried it might have an age of seven days (or what ever) but the body, in my view is not a person where the age is calculated in accordance of its birthday. All I asked for was a way to switch the age calculation at burial off.

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Where specifically is this age calculation for burial in the program? (I am not contesting that it appears. Just asking which instance.)

Let’s take an extreme example with the Person Editor where age is displayed for every Event except Birth (which is, by definition, null). Ignore that the 1800s dates are impossibly early for that procedure.

In this example, the ages (including for events before birth & after death) are all informative and useful.

Mary’s mother goes to England for an experimental In Vitro fertilization procedure. Mary is born prematurely, dies in infancy, and is buried. Nearly half a century later, the circumstances match a criminal medical case and Mary is exhumed. After autopsy, she is interred with her parents.

Probate is going to be another common event that happens after death.

The relevant code seems to be in the last two functions in, column_age and column_sort_age.

I don’t know enough to attempt a hack, but I think the easiest way to do it might be to look at the person’s role in the event, rather than trying to find out whether the person had a prior death event. In that case, any post-death events for the person would need to use a specific role (for example, “Deceased”) so that the code could check for that and set the age to null.

This might be OK as a hack. But hiding information that can be useful should not be the default. And this falls into that category. The Edit Person dialogs are not printed so that “age” doesn’t make any difference.

Does it appear in any reports?

In that case, the hack becomes even simpler: just rename the “Age” column to “Elapsed Time Since Birth Or Fallback Event Such As Baptism” (or preferably a much shorter description of your choosing :slightly_smiling_face:).

a.k.a. “Age”

No need to make this a complicated thing.

Understanding my question seems difficult, although it might be my fault altogether.
I do not contest the use of an age at burial for some of Gramps’ users.
I simply asked: can I switch that off.

No. There is no option to prevent an age being displayed for events that occurred after death.

Please confirm you are asking about switching off age in the Person Editor. (Where it is not an option. The column contents in the Object Editors have no configuration options.)

If you are asking about a Report, it may just entail adding another switch to the existing Configuration dialog.

I have created PR #1399: “Add option to hide ages for events after death”.

This adds an option to hide ages in the person editor for events after death.


Just to verify… That involves changing 4 files:


Hi do we check on GitHub whether these are patches compared to the 5.1.5 files or the 5.2 master? (Since that might have more extensive and incompatible changes.)

It’s an enhancement, so it is written for the next major release.