Adding offset relatives in the Narrated Web Site

I’d like to customize the individual listing in the Narrated Web Site report to include 2 generations of linked Ancestors wrapped on my own table.

Let’s say that I have the following table row;
<TR valign=“bottom”>
        <img src=“” width=“1” height=“38”>
    <TD align=“right”>
        <A HREF=“p-grandmotherlink”>PaternalGrandmotherName</A>

How would I substitute in the URL & name of a particular Ancestor to the focal person on the page?

For 2 generations of (primary) ancestors, this would include:
Father (Ahnentafel offset=2)
Mother (Ahnentafel offset=3)
Paternal grandfather (Ahnentafel offset=4)
Paternal grandmother (Ahnentafel offset=5)
Maternal grandfather (Ahnentafel offset=6)
Maternal grandmother (Ahnentafel offset=7)

The following code was shared in another thread:


Note that I actually use CSS to do the pedigrees. But a Table row was more self-explanatory than:

<div class=“Pedigree”>
<p class=“PaternalGrandmother”><a href=“PaternalGrandmotherURL”>PaternalGrandmotherName</p>

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