A brief mention in print

I notice that Gramps gets a mention in the article “Grow Your Family Tree” by Nick Peers in “Computer act!ve” magazine, issue 610,14-27 July 2021 on page 16.

In a question, a reader planning to move from Windows to Mac asks for alternatives to using Family Historian. As part of the reply they say, “You could try Gramps (available for free from www.gramps-project.org)”. However, they continue, “to get the tools you use in Family Historian you’d be better off with MacFamilyTree”.

It could possibly get us some new users.

Have any of you moved from Family Historian? What tools did you like that are missing in Gramps?

For reference:
Family Historian tour and their Marketing feature list
(only available for Windows OS)

MacFamilyTree certainly has prettier (but gimmicky) UI & charts. So it is more inviting to explore. Hard to say if there was as much thought & power put into the data side as the presentation.

I am not sure how they compare. Another mac option is Reunion.