5.2 r1-d4de8fb - Note record subscript

Added an obituary to a person’s record. I then wanted to copy a fact for pasting for further research. Highlighted desired text, then Ctrl-C to copy to the OS clipboard. The selected text was made a subscript.


Could not copy the text from the note to paste here.
filed 0013002: Note Editor’s standard “copy” keybinding (Ctrl-c) changed to perform a subscript text styling

Also reported in Pull Request note in #1266 Note editor enhancements

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Ok, when did emojis become part of Gramps Notes?

From the manual:

From Gramps 5.1.6 on linux

Confirmed on Windoze. The Ctrl-C keybinding in 5.2 Notes has been co-opted as a “subscript” hotkey.

They have been available in Gtk TextView and Entry widgets since Gtk 3.22.

That doesn’t clarify things.

I looked in the GitHub code README.md and it shows the GTK minimum being updated from 3.12 to 3.25 on 1 Jul 2023.

But my Gramps 5.1.6 (released 2 days earlier on 29 Jun) has the emojis.

With what version of Gramps did the installers start including 3.22 or newer?

Just went through a lot of searching to determine which GTK version was on a computer. The About box doesn’t list GTK version. All the CLI recommended commands were not found (gtk3-demo - -version ; pkg-config - -modversion gtk±3.0 ; apt-cache policy libgtk2.0-0 libgtk-3-0 ; dpkg -l libgtk2.0-0 libgtk-3-0 )

Finally found the version using Prerequisites Checker.

Fixed in pull request #1560.

I changed the key binding for subscript to <PRIMARY>r (CtrlR or CmdR).

I see no need for a keybinding for a styling used as infrequently as ‘subscript’

Could you tell us when the keybindings are defined for the Note Editor? starts at lines 625-639 in gramps/gui/widgets/styledtexteditor.py

It would be nice to know what other features have bindings. And know where we can comment them out.

feature Ctrl
Italic i
bold b
=underline= u
strikethrough s
superscript p
subscript r
↺ undo z
↻ redo shift+z

(Given my druthers, I would have eliminated or changed the subversion of the OS clipboard’s Ctrl-c keybinding by the Gramps clipboard ages ago. Ctrl-c for OS clipboard to move data between application is SO ingrained that the remapping bites me EVERY SINGLE session using Gramps.)

@emyoulation If you really want to kill off the view c (which is, due to its priority, the one which gets called when you are trying to copy some text from a gramplet to the system clipboard), you can comment out gramps/gui/views/pageview.py
self.uistate.window.connect("key-press-event", self.key_press_handler)
on or about line 132.
The actual c detection is in gramps/gui/views/navigationview.py in the def key_press_handler on or about 478. You might want to bind it to another key, or add an alt, shift etc.


One :heart: emoji is not enough for this answer!

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You have now addressed 2 of my all-time greatest constant aggravations with Gramps. (The cleanup of custom types was a biggie too!) I hadn’t used Gramps before you took-over the AIO installer build. But a clean install was a make-or-break decision point for my initial eval of the software.

So thanks for all of these again.