20th anniversary of the 1st video presentation of GRAMPS

On 3 Oct 2002, open-source expert Joe Arruda spent 7 minutes demonstrating GRAMPS on Tech TV’s The Screen Savers with Leo Laporte. For the 10th anniversary of Gramps (21 Apr 2011), Jason Simanek successfully appealed to G4 to resurrect the video. The link has since gone bad again, of course.

On his LinkedIn pages, Joe gushes :wink: that ‘this one seven minute spot got me recognized about a half dozen times over the years.’

Leo Laporte has long since moved on from the Screen Savers. He just announced his retirement on 19 Nov. 2022 from as the Tech Guy radio show.

Perhaps it might be amusing to see if G4 would raise the dead again (and allow us to mirror a copy on our server). And maybe Joe & Leo would be nostalgic enough to make a new 7 minute segment with the newest Gramps.


Leo is still hosting Security Now on you tube with Steve Gibson every week.

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His company, This Week in Tech “TWiT” does a variety of shows:


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