2 Gramps samenvoegen [Merge 2 Gramps]

hallo, mijn naam is Patrick Roossien en ik ben een nieuwe gebruiker van Gramps.
Ik heb inmiddels een stamboom gemaakt van mijn vaders kant en ben begonnen met mijn moeders kant.
Daar heb ik 2 Gramps voor gemaakt.
Is het mogelijk om deze (later ) samen te voegen?

Mvg, Patrick Roossien


hello, my name is Patrick Roossien and I am a new Gramps user.
I have now made a family tree on my father’s side and started with my mother’s side.
I made 2 Gramps for that.
Is it possible to merge these (later)?

Mvg, Patrick Roossien

You can either (Recommended) export each database to xml, create a new database and import both xml files to that new database, or you can export one of them and import to the other (not the recommended way).

Sorry for answering in English…

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okay bedankt, ik ga de 1e optie proberen.
Gelukkig is uw Engels automatisch vertaald :slight_smile:

Gr. Patrick

And the reason why importing one parent’s tree directly into the other’s is not recommended:

Importing is irreversible. So it is safer to create a blank tree and import BOTH source files into that. If something goes wrong, you can discard the bad file & try again.

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Now… the ugly part.

Once you import both parents, you have to merge any duplicate data.

Enable the General Preferences option for “Add tag on import”. Import the larger Tree first.

Now use the “Organize Tags” to change the Tags:

  1. Shorten the Tag names (to Paternal & Maternal)
  2. Change from the Default color of Black

Adding the Tag slows down the import & makes the Tree bigger. But the Tag make duplicates easier to see. And the Merged records will have 2 Tags

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Hallo, excuses voor mijn late reactie maar in mijn versie van Gramps zie ik nergens de opties om de stambomen te exporteren/importeren. Kun u mij vertellen hoe ik dat doe?

GEDCOM is one of several formats that can be exported.

The Gramps XML file format is the preferred format for backup & exchange with other Gramps users. (The internal format is normally a SQLite database working file.) But although GEDCOM doesn’t support all of the data relationships in Gramps, it is the most universally recognized file format for Genealogy data.

Selecting the file format is the 2nd step within the ‘Export Assistant dialog’.

To export data, choose Menu Family Trees -> Export… or the keybinding ctrl/⌘+E. This will bring up the Export Assistant dialog.

The important thing to know about importing is: you need to create a new Family Tree to receive the imported data first. Then the Menu Family Trees -> Import… will become available.

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command E :blush: :sparkling_heart:

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Mac guys! :see_no_evil:

[Tweaked the posting & wiki to add the ⌘]

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