100% MEM & CPU on digitalocean


I managed to install the droplet on Digital Ocean (Gramps Web 0.22.2+ on Ubuntu). I have a A-host dns record configured successfully.

I have configured the Basic - Regular Intel, 1 vCPU, 1 GB, 25 GB, 1 TB, $6/mo.

I’m able to use Gramps, but the CPU and MEM are constant on 100%.

I have changed “GUNICORN_NUM_WORKERS:” From 3 of 2 but not much effect.

Any suggestions?

Please try with 2 GB RAM. If that works, I think we have to update our documentation accordingly. 1 GB is probably not sufficient.

Thanks! I upgraded to 2GB mem and now at least system is usable.


Thanks for confirming. I updated the docs accordingly.