Working with media files

I’m doing a do over on my genealogy and would like a feature like is done by RootsTrust. When you drag a image into the program, it creates a directory using the Name of the person with their record number. All images for that person then go in that directory. But I would like to have it instead take the Persons Last and given name, birth year and death year as directory name such as

Doe, John Adam-1963-2020

Right now I’m learning python programming to see if I can come up with a way. Just need to figure out where in the code gramps handles the media drag and drop.

How do you plan on dealing with pictures that do not show a person (e.g. photos of locations, maps, …)?

And how would you deal with group photos?

Personally, this would not fit my media storage scheme where I store media by what it is. Birth, Death, Marriage, Census, etc. And then there is the problem that Gramps stores the path of the file at the time it is added. If a folder is created for its ultimate storage, then the path would need to be adjusted. There is a tool for that but with almost 23,000 media records and growing, I do not want to run it too often.

Yes, this would probably need to be a personal user hack.

The files that is called to add a media file is at gramps\gui\editors\ Not sure about drag-n-drop.

it should be whatever you are currently looking at in Gramps. dragging any media or file in should be considered to be dragging it into that object or resource. so the name should be based on its identity. maybe plug-ins for drop-ins?