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What’s Next is an interesting gramplet so as not to get too dispersed in your research but:
1***Is it possible to make it operational on the active individual rather than on the root?
Nb: The change of root being done relatively well we get there but it’s not very elegant
2 ***The copy / paste works but the individual links are obviously lost what I think is missing is the individual ID which could remove the ambiguity on the names of the individuals.
In the case of developing a research document
But this might not be the best way to do it?
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Gramps 5.1.3

Hello !

I think What’s Next ? is mainly a gramplet for Dashboard.
But, to make it more “restrictive” you can use Tags and setting of this plugin as it seems plugin’s setting can be different in each Category (People, Dahsboard, Familly…).

To set Tags you can use Add/Remove Tag Tool plugin. E.g. : I used it to add two specifics tags “My direct ascendants”, and another tag for my wife’s direct ascendants, thus I managed to do without SOSA and much more :wink:

To use this tag you should need to set specific filters (You must give them a name to be able use them in Add/Remove Tag Tool plugin) :

I don’t really understand how restricting “What’s next” to one People (Individu) or to one Family would be useful. Usualy, when I need this kind of “stuff”, I create a “TODO” note (sorted as “First”) and thus Gramplet “Note” (plugin) show me first note I can directly edit with what’s next todos and this can combined with a tag like “Record completed” or a “TODO” Tag)


That don’t reply directly to your answer, but I hope this could help you :wink:


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I had not explored the options of the plugin “What’s next” concerning the “tags”: Thank you for your explanations.
“What’s Next” advantageously replaces the preparation and use of a certain number of filters to achieve these results which concern close relatives - It is undeniable!
But if I understood correctly ??? It only takes into account the root of the family tree.
It’s a shame it could be an interactive introspection tool if it could be made to react to the “active individual”
Otherwise, we can always temporarily redefine the strain but this is not very correct.
This is what I wanted to express!
says that we can copy paste the result except that by losing the links Individuals Last name / First name are no longer sufficient to identify it The ID is needed
Sorry, I express myself very badly because I do not speak English or computers.
Thank you

As many users, I define myself as the main person (sorry I used “root” for the main person and “souche” in french ;)), but I think we should see this as a tool, a more “temporary” setting than a “fixed” one. (note there no specific numbering like SOSA in Gramps that should required a more “fixed setting” like this to work on your genealogy as it is in some other genealogy softwares).

So redefining the main person seems quite not “correct”, but is a good solution.

To copy/paste in notes ? (You can still ad a link to a person

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Indeed this is achievable but it is a shame to redo what already existed
I tried a Click / Drop to an Individual note which normally accepts this notion of Individual link during the transfer we can see the links but the final drop only keeps the text

Juste pour info Il y a un forum francophone d’utilisateurs Gramps hébergé par Geneanet :slight_smile:

Changing the Home Person (aliases: Main, root, souche) is the right procedure for changing the frame of reference for Gramps.

This flexibility is why Gramps IDs does not lock you in Genealogical Numbering System identifiers like Sosa-Stradonitz. Changing the Home Person allows you to evaluate the Tree from a new perspective. Those IDs would suddenly be ‘wrong’ from that new perspective.

If you have Person that is frequently used as the Home Person (such as yourself or a distant cousin with whom you discuss research), you might want to Bookmark those Persons. This quick navigation to the person makes setting them as Home Person much faster.

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:+1: Effectivement, bien que je sois aussi sur Geneanet, j’avoue n’avoir pas fait attention à cette section. Merci :wink:

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