Was the Gedcom7 IDENTIFIER_STRUCTURE extended into Gramps 5.2?

Did this extension of the Data Model make it into 5.2?

A user noted “thousands of error Notes” on his GEDCOM import. There can be no doubt that many of these were related to the UUID for his particular dialect of GEDCOM.

2 tweaks to the GEDCOM import might eliminate thousands of Error notes and the objection to the Notes.

  • have a list of custom ID tags in various dialects (preferably with some defaults but also with a TSV or CSV file in the User Directory that a user could edit) where those custom GEDCOM tag write a Gramps EXID record or Attribute
  • set the Privacy flag for all GEDCOM Import error Notes. (It won’t affect visibility on the Desktop GUI but it will mask them from Reports and Export.)

Without further information it is still a guess, but I don’t believe that it’s any of the well known ID’s, because I filed a fix for those years ago, meaning that Gramps does import _FSFTID (for FamilySearch) and the _UID that was generated by PAF decades ago, and is a de-facto standard since then.

We also support AFN, and REFN, so it must be another thing, and these things are often easy to delete with a simple text filter.

No. It hasn’t been implemented yet.