Tools - both built-in & add-on

In preparation for systematically looking at the tools, I put together a list as they appear in the menu & linked to documentation but unlinked when no docs were found. (Green are add-ons)

I generally install too many add-on updates at a time and lose track of which I’ve actually explored. It’d be nice if the Plug-in Manager appended " - New!" or " - Updated!" to their menu items. Then clear that appendage if you ever look at the feature.

Thought others might find the worklist useful:


Analysis and Exploration

Family Tree Processing

Family Tree Repair


Interactive Family Tree -- Is it really a tool, or more like a report?

Remove leading and trailing spaces… (was it renamed as “Clean input data…”? since also addresses Commas in Place coordinate fields)

The following add-on lists as a 'Tool' in the Plug-in Manager... but I haven't found it in the Tools menu:

Geneanet import for Gramps

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This link links to Import and Merge tool

But I would not call interactive family tree a report, as it doesnt create files you can open.
It takes data from gramps when its running and shows the tree in browser, if you close gramps, images that isnt loaded already wont load, and maybe somedata too. Aka it requires Gramps to run while using it, sadly.

I think you can export a report from the tree of what you currently look at tho but its then not interactive.

Also, if you have market a person on an image with multiple people, Gramps itself shows that persons face but that addon shows the hole image, sadly.

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