Text box vertical size controls in Glade

If there a good reference on how to control vertical sizing of text containers? (The predominance of “Glade air freshener” hits in Google search results makes lookup difficult.)

In a dialog with multiple text blocks, the interaction of constraints during auto scaling is unclear.

Some Glade tutorial suggestions would be welcome.

First of all, Glade is just a convenience tool to set up Gtk objects via a GUI; it is particularly useful in that it tries to show what the Gtk.builder output will look like in your application.

As such, there are not many tutorials for Glade.

What you need to answer questions like this are the Gtk docs, for instance Gtk.Label.

For simple text, like Gtk Label, vertical size is determined by first determining the number and size of lines, which depends on font, spacing, line count, wrap, theme, etc. Then the vsize is passed to the container to be mixed in with other objects to finalize the container size. If there are multiple levels of container this process repeats.

Some containers will create scroll bars if the enclosed objects get larger than the a size determined for the container. More complex (editable) text objects are almost always in scroll capable containers, for example Gtk.TextView - Classes - Gtk 3.0.

I usually use the Classes - Gtk 3.0 as a starting point although the docs Gtk – 3.0 can sometimes help a bit more.


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