Suggestion to add Indian (Hindi) relationship calculator

Im new to using gramps and i live in India where names given to releationships are very different than the west, i have over 400 people setup and i often use deep connection plugin to check my releationship to others

For example, in India the paternal grandfather is known as “Dada” and maternal is known as “Nana”, Fathers elder brother is known as “Tau” and younger brother is known as “Chacha”, it takes alot of time to mentally process and convert the relationship from western to Indian ones.

In India approx. 1Billion people understand Hindi and will relate to this culture more than western relationship, also the Indian diaspora still uses the Indian culture for naming, adding this would be great for all Indians

We can also add Indian calanders, holidays and date handler

I’m ready to help if required


Suggested over on the Gramps Reddit by /u/579476610

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Building a plugin Relationship Calculator for another culture tends to be done by contributors native to that culture. Sometimes, a non-technical Gramps user will recruit a local Python coder.

This is a good opportunity for Python students (or teachers) looking for a limited-scope class project.

Yes, this is me on reddit, a comment suggested that I post here, so I did that

Our current relationship calculator provides a path from two people to a common ancestor. The path is a string which includes the characters “m” for mother and “f” for father.

For example, where person 2 is the paternal grandfather of person 1 then the paths would be recorded as:

Person 1: “ff”
Person 2: “” (this person is a direct ancestor)

and for the maternal grandfather we would get:

Person 1: “mf”
Person 2: “”

So it is easy to provide four grandparent strings.

Where person 2 is the uncle of person 1 we could have:

Person 1: “ff”
Person 2: “f”

We can see that person 2 is the brother of the father of person 1. However we cannot tell if the brother is an elder or younger brother. Extra path information will need to be recorded for languages like Hindi. I believe that a similar situation exists for Chinese relationships.

There may also be a problem writing a relationship calculator for a language which doesn’t have a translation. This will also need to be investigated.

Please create a new topic to discuss Indian calendars and date handlers.

Holidays can be added using Gregorian dates without any changes to the existing code.

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