Sorting dialogs by last update date / keeping last used sort order

This will not help for the original question.
Only for the devel part (possible enhancements).

Proposal should be now more clear. Some additions look like lazy coding. They are only multiples ways (solutions) for an overview. Do not need to blame the style yet! I still do not like when Selectors returns empty list (often at the begin of the session as mru list is also empty and if there is no bookmarks or recent changes). uistate might provide a solution but I did not go too far to avoid any unexpected issue not directly related to Selectors.

Note, was a little bit surprised… I just need more time for tracking down trailing white spaces than really fixing errors on the set of concepts, for this draft! Sure, still need workarounds (Family Editor, skip list with filter, flat and tree base models, rounds with init, etc.) and search keys are disabled. Anyway, few extra lines since the first pull and this should more and less very close to the experimentation done some years ago.

If one wants to test or go further from this version.
First, you can look at modified files against master
(pylint was for whitespace catch…), then:

  1. Donwload zip with changes

  2. maybe need to set the ResourcePath (master branch)? Here my local commands for the run/session, via a console/terminal:

$ cd gramps_cryptic_rebase-Selectors
$ python3 -d "gui.selector"

where $HOME might be /usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/gramps-5.1.5-py3.8.egg # or 5.1.99, 5.2.0, etc. this should be cosmetic for this testing.

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