Sorting Children

I have loaded children in the “relationship” section but they are not in the correct date of birth order. I know I can do to the “Families” section and change the order but is there anyway to automatically resort so that all children, siblings are in date of birth order?

Not as far as I can tell.

I use the Sort Children in Birth order tool addon to do it every once and while.

I downloaded and manually added the add-on and ran it and had lots to fix.

Thanks, I will need to review all the add-ons and see which will help me.

I resist using this tool. It doesn’t handle undated events in a satisfactory manner.

Most of the interments in my database have place data but no actual burial date. (I don’t use after date of death because it might be the same day. I don’t use ‘About’ or just the year of death because it might be a re-interment. Putting a date value in implies I have a source.)

So this Event sorting tool floats all those Burial events to before Birth.

You could use dead after one day before birth date (displayed age is strange but it’s working):
Birth 2020-08-28
Death After 2020-08-27

Personaly, I prefer to sort children manually. I take only a few seconds each time you add a child.

Even if it’s the same day, I always add a death event date.
If the death is included in the event, I share the note between the birth and the death date.
I add a tag to say don’t continue to inspect because there will be no descendants.

In the Graphview I see: (Célibataire means single and Jumeaux means twins)

Y’all are misreading what I wrote slightly.

It was not uncommon for a person to be interred on their day of death. (For some, that is a religious imperative.) In such cases, an unknown burial date recorded as ‘after’ date of death would be incorrect. There need to be an ≥ workaround.

Patrice’s note about making it “after (date of birth minus 1 day)” is intriguing. Although he apparently thought I was talking about stillborns & newborn deaths, if an ‘after [previous day]’ auto sorts to AFTER the reference day, then it still sounds like a possible workaround.


The Birth order tool doesn’t have any effect on event ordering, only on the order of children.

Whoops, my bad. Those were my difficulties with the Sort Events tool.

However, I have a similar issue with Children who lack the Birth date.

Many of my trees stem from biographies where the children were listed in birth order. All too often, I am able to find birthdates for only the occasional child. But that helps refine the possible birth date ranges of the others.

So I don’t want to auto-sort the dated children in a swath of families.

It’s important to say that not all tools are going to suit the workflow of all users. I recognize that these are useful tools for many. These sorting tools are just counterproductive to my workflow.

Not only for stillborns or newborn deaths. I use it principaly for Religion events when birth and christening are the same day so I create a Religion event, i.e christian, with that date (birth/christening date) minus 1. So the child is born, christened and its religion all have the same date/begining

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