Sharing Testbed Trees

I occasionally make testbed Trees with data to make graphing oddities more obvious.

Like a Tree of royal family of Queen Elizabeth II. With data so I could experiment with royal names and titles. And it is a tree for testing pedigree collapse charts. It is a very limited tree which includes too many commercial images. So it cannot be published but sharing privately? Well… PM me. The ‘print’ from GraphView also showed significant problems in the Windows format. (The images had UNC data in URL fields for the .svg and .gv formats.)

And when I was trying to create filters, I couldn’t figure out if it was grabbing the data I expected. So the Pseudonym Tree shows names that self-identify… the given, surname and IDs all have relationship meaning to the home person.

What kind of Trees have YOU created and are willing to share?

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forgot that MediWiki was having conniptions uploading a .gzip compressed Tree backup. If you want the tree, download attachment to the “0012696: MediaWiki does not accept Gramps compressed .gzip MIME type for .gz uploads” feature request.

To get something Gramps will directly import to a new tree, you can either rename the extension to .gramps, or, extract the uncompressed .gramps XML file from the archive.

Tip: in Windoze, double-clicking a .gramps file (with Gramps not running) will: Launch Gramps, create an appropriately named blank tree, import the .gramps tree data. (Note that Gramps does NOT check if a Family Tree already exists with that name. So importing via double-click in the OS may result in duplicate Tree databases.)

This import workflow is MUCH more streamlined than importing from within the Gramps GUI.

You can compare your data with FMP’s version!

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