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are there any sample XML files (not broken ones or bug demos) that have at least a few people in them. i want to see what a Gramps XML file looks like compared to GED that i already have. i’ve never put anything in my Gramps, yet, so i don’t think it’s output would be worthwhile, right now.

The 2,157 person Example.gramps tree is used for demonstrating every feature illustration in the wiki. (And generally used for workflow bug reports.) It is among the files distributed with every distribution of Gramps. (The web page tells where the different OSes store the sample files.)

People: 2157
Families: 762
Sources: 4
Events: 3432
Media Objects: 7
Places: 1294
Repositories: 3
Notes: 19
Tags: 2
Citations: 2854

And the See also section of that page also talks about other sample files. Such as: the 42 person sample.ged GEDCOM sample and 60 person data.gramps file. And there also the PseudonymTree.gramps that is useful for testing filters & graphs. The names & IDs are patterns identifying how the person relates to the home person.

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Note that you can paste a whole (or just a chunk) XML file into the Import Text 3rd party add-on gramplet and test importing the data. (Best to use a sacrificial newly created, blank Tree.)

If you’re try to discover what a chunk does (or if you’ve got the composition right if you’re create XML with an external program), the Import Text gramplet is very handy.

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