Search via filter for attributes and notes


In events, e.g. birth, I can search for attributes or notes via the filters.

This also works in the event area that can be shared (Shared information).

Not however I in the upper area information for reference

Example a death entry with the attribute age and the entry 99

I create a filter that searches for the attributes

Unfortunately the search result is empty.

Likewise if I want to search for a note, as an example Kölsch 4711

I create the filter to search in notes …

But I get no result here either!

Is my way of working incorrect?

Greetings - Jan

(Gramps v 5.1.3, LMDE4)

There was an earlier discussion on this References attribute.

FYI: The information for the Individual in a shared event are actually a part of the person database and not a part of the Events. In the People filter options, there is a filter rule to search the Role of an event. A similar rule has not yet been created for these Notes or Attributes.

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