How to find attributes and their value into top part of events?

I can find attributes and attributes value stored into the bottom/shared part of an event using an event attribute filter but how to search for something into the top part of events associated with person’s records with person’s filters? Like form’s stored attributes

I just ran a test and I could not create the filter. I ran the test on both the Event and also on the People list. It occurred to me that the filter rule to filter on the Role of an event is a part of People filters. It would seem that any rule looking at the event’s Reference Information’s Notes or Attributes would need to be similar to this Role filter.

I agree with you but I don’t find/see filters to do that that in person’s filter editor.

That’s right. The filter rule does not exist.

The rule to filter by Role exists. To filter for the Attributes or Notes would need to be a similar rule. A People not an Event filter rule.

Looks like we need to modify the person.hastextmatching*of rules to look at attributes in the eventrefs and probably in the events themselves. That way text anywhere would show up.


As an answer to my own question I’ve created this little Supertool filter, for who need it too:
Supertool script code (to be saved as a regular filter) to filter Event Reference Attributes type and value