Saving filters when before upgrading

Hello all,
I am looking for a way to save my filters before installing a new version of Gramps.
I created quite a few handy filters, and would like to move them over.

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As explained in the wiki:

Custom Filter migration

Keep your collection of custom filters through a minor updates of Gramps (e.g., from version 5.0.x to 5.1.x) by manually copying your custom_filter.xml from Gramps User Directory to the corresponding directory in new gramps_version_number .

Even minor upgrades (e.g., from a 5.0.x to a 5.1.x version) may include format changes since the recent innovation of add-on rules are causing rapid evolution in Filters. So porting filters in this manner requires verification that the XML definitions haven’t changed. Also, Add-on rules may have to be installed in the new upgrade before copied custom filters will work safely.

I like to make the custom_filter.xml into one of my Media objects too. Then copy the filter definitions into a Note for that object.

(You have to trick Gramps into that. It doesn’t want to browse to that Gramps User Directory. So I add ANY pic and, after it has been saved, then edit the path to paste in the filename/path I really wanted.)

So, should I accidentally mangle a custom filter, I can restore just that single filter from the collection in Notes

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Thank you very much.
I know what to do now!

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