Exporting/importing saved filters

I know the saved filters/searches are stored in ini files, and I can dig around and copy those to my new machine.

But is there an add-on or other way to easily export those and import them to a new installation?

Simple answer is No!

Fyi somebody on the bugtracker has already asked for Gramps to handle it!

I have a really ugly workaround.

I’ve saved a few of these items as Media objects. (You have to trick Gramps into doing it because the folders can’t be browsed. So I select another object and then manually overwrite the path.) Then I open the media object & copy the contents into a Note.

The Note & file path are in the database backup. I can reopen & restore the Custom Filters chunk.

Like I said: it is ugly… but it works.

By the way, this hack also works for sharing custom filters.

It is a real pain to fully describe the rules of a 5-stage custom filter and a greater pain to re-create it.

But pasting the filter chunk from the custom filter XML file is easy. And, if you have a shortcut to opening that file, it is easy to insert a shared filter into another Gramps installation.

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