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Linux Mint 20.1 and have installed the lates version from the repos but it cannot open my old data from when I was running either Mint 18 or 19. The data is still in my home and the current version sees it but can’t open it. something to do with schema 18 vs. schema 19. I can’t find version 4.2 which was probably what I was using when I last used Gramps.

The installer downloads for 4.2.8 are available on GitHub.

The Database & XML schemas are listed on the wiki. As you stated, database version 18 was used br Gramps 4.2.x and Gramps 5.x.x is currently at version 19.

Thank you. Once I remove 5.1.5 and install 4.2.8 if I don’t want to upgrade gramps to the latest version should I be able to use the older version without serious issues?

You can continue to run the 4.28 version. It will not timeout. But there’s always the risk that the old libraries might become dysfunctional as your OS evolves.

Make an XML backup as soon as possible after you downgrade. Heck… make 2: one without media objects & another that includes them. XML is far, far more portable & reliable than mercurial database files.

Since your genealogy work seems to have left fallow for a while, you might wait until you’re going to really dive in. Then do a final backup to XML before upgrading to the newest version to learn the new interface.

Version 5 shifted from BSDDB to SQLite database engine. And it has automated backup feature.

So if you are getting back into genealogy (or you intend to publish the data to any of the new web option), you really ought to migrate to version 5.

When you try to use an old database, you get the following message:

If you already have a backup, you can click on: “I have made a backup. please, upgrade my family tree”

If you don’t have a backup, you can make a save of $HOME/.gramps/grampsdb
You’ll save all your database trees.
And you retry clicking on “I have made a backup. please, upgrade my family tree”

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