Re: Add citations to event references- citations not included in reports

Started to explore the added Source/Citation added to event references.

Modified a family’s census events (US1850, 1860,…) to shared events where I created a new citation citing the Family record in the event’s S/C. I moved the individual citations to their Reference section with the individual’s Role, Attribute, Note.

Printed the CIR. Only the S/C attached to the event was added to the report. The new referenced S/C was ignored. Removed the S/C from the event, the referenced S/C was still ignored.

Additionally, when I removed the S/C from the event, the individual’s referenced S/C does not trigger the new citation icon in the embedded event list.

Bug 13035 filed.

If we are going to need to illustrate this new feature, could you post a .gramps XML file with just a dummy event that has those sample references?

We can add (or merge) that Event to the Home Person

Gave LAGvZ a census record.

You’ll take care of creating the PR to add it to 5.2 along with other needed changes?

EXAMPLE.gramps (409.0 KB)

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Create pull request #1604. Please test and let us know if there are any problems.

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Pull request #1604 works great!


Found that the new referenced S/C in events is not making it into the Narrative Web.

Bug #13046 filed.

Are there other reports?

I have added an event to the Example database above.

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Would another kind of source be an option?

One of the other new additions will be sample 1950 US Census entries added via the Forms gramplet. So that people can see how the data presents with and WITHOUT the addon.

It might be confusing to simultaneousl offer a different approach for 1910.

The example I added to EXAMPLE.gramps is a S/C in the referenced portion of an event. Having the S/C added to reports is the goal. It does not matter what that S/C says. Just that it exists.

Does the 1950 Census for Forms add the/a S/C to the event’s Reference section or just to the Shared section?

Referenced Role, Attributes and Notes do print in reports, as always. It is the new/added S/C in an events reference that is not being seen in reports.

Hadn’t gotten so far as to experiment with the reports or the new S/C feature.

Was just trying to winnow down the 409K attachment to JUST 1 person with the sample data. And it became apparent that the Census data was in a different place.

Actually, I don’t yet grasp the scope of this change. Citations attachments are confusing. It is so easy to lose track of where they attach… to an object and its secondary objects or other (tertiary? Like addresses, alternate names, associations, LDS) records. I am really looking forward to 5.2 closing so Nick will have time to work on the view that shows the cascade of data for an object.

PR 1608 fixes the citation issue in the Narrative Web.