Python Shell Gramplet + Multi line statements

Is there any way to copy and paste a multi-line block of python into the Python Shell gramplet?
I can get it to work if I paste each line in to the gramplet one by one but that gets tedious.
I was hoping to write my code in a text editor and copy and paste in one go into the gramplet.

In case there’s any easier way to solve my problem, I want to replace an existing event attribute with two new attributes. The new attribute values will be extracted from the current attribute value.

I usually use the Python Evaluation gramplet in a detached window.

For some reason the Python Evaluation gramplet is not offered in the Windows AIO 5.1.5 version.
I do see it in a 5.2 AIO build I have and can install it on the dashboard in 5.2

The code exists in my 5.1 install: gramps\plugins\gramplet\ Apart from some whitespace, it is identical to the 5.2 version, so it’s not obvious why it is not offered?

It looks exactly what I need - but I’m not ready to move my main tree to 5.2 just yet :wink:

In the file gramps/plugins/gramplet/ you will see where the Python Evaluation gramplet is registered. Change the line that reads “status=UNSTABLE” to “status=STABLE”. This will make the gramplet available to all users.

Alternatively, run Gramps without the -O option. This is a developer mode which makes unstable plugins available to use.

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