Possible untranslated string?

The introduction text “The first thing you must do…” marked in yellow below is not translated into Dutch language and appears not to exist in Weblate Gramps/gramps

Okay, I take that back.
I had been working on improving the Gramps Dutch translation in Weblate. I do this for more FOSS. From that I’d saved the Dutch gramps.mo file and thrown that into the share\locale\nl folder and thats when things became fishy.
It took me a while to recognize that the newly generated .mo file does not fit well in the Gramps 5.1.6 installation with various original English texts alongside other texts in Dutch as a result.

I re-installed Gramps to get the official dutch gramps.mo back again and now the offending text displays in Dutch again.I guess I’ll have to wait until a next release to see a hopefully improved Dutch translation. Too bad.

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The hard-coded text in the Welcome to Gramps! seems to be a poor choice for this (essential for newbies) feature.

It breaks the strings into chunks that are only convenient for the US English version. Some other languages will not structure concepts into the same order of sentences in a paragraph, nor into comparable phrasing within the sentences. So phrase-by-phrase translations might become incomprehensible.

@DaveSch has coded an updated text for the 5.2 release. And I did a similar exercise in my experimental betaDashboards.

But while Weblate is great for brief and self-contained phrases, it might not be the right tool for tutorial compositions.

This particular tool would be much better as either a viewer of Notes from either:

I’ve seen projects in Weblate where larger texts are offered as one chunk for translation, including the odd bit of php or css coding to make sure the formatting is maintained. I’ve also seen projects in Weblate where these paragraphs are kept separate plain text and formatting is taken care of from the app rather than the translated text.

So I learned that the dutch gramps.mo export from Weblate does not fit well with the official 5.1.6 release.

This bears the question: was I wrong (possibly foolish) in putting effort in improving the Dutch translation in Weblate?

(As I said: I do more translations in environments like Weblate and Crowdin. I saw the project there and just decided to give it a go.)

No. Gramps v5.2 beta is due to be released on 31st July. This uses the Weblate translations.


Not at all! There are just a very few places with entire paragraphs (or even extended essays) of text instead of short phrases. The text in those is a pain to revise in the English Python source code too!

Actually there’s quite a lot going wrong when I put today’s copy of the Dutch gramps.mo in place.
Best be prepared.






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Thanks for letting me know.

There was a bug in the script that extracted the menu strings from XML fragments within our code. I have fixed it now and Weblate should be updated shortly.

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