Place list ideas (if they dont exist already)

In place list, I have some features that would be nice to have but that I have not found. I would especially find the second one very useful personally:

  • A column that shows if an place have events attached to it or not (Maybe how many)
    I know you can just look at the gramplet for references at the bottom and just look there rather than opening events, but having its own column for it would be faster, not need to click/arrow keys on events.

  • In place tree, a button to expand selected place and all sub-places.
    There is a button to expand/collapse multiple places on the same level that is selected, and ones for expanding/collapsing everything. But I have not found ones to do it for selected and sub events.
    For example select “Oslo” and click a button and all places inside Oslo gets expanded including stuff at deeper levels, without expanding “Bergen” because its not selected.


I tried the option to right-click and “Expand this entire group” but it only expanded the first level. Does it work for anyone else?

I think that button is for group as in you press shift and select multiple ones on the same level and it expands the ones selected. It doesnt expand ones inside of them.

So it might be more correctly labeled as “expand selected groups”?


I wonder if an “expand to this level” might not be useful? For example, to expand/collapse to the “state” administrative level for all groups. But that seems like it would be more intuitive as a visible toolbar control than hidden in a contextual menu or modified (middle, right, or ctrl/shift/alt) click.

Both of these are good suggestions.


I added both to Mantis, I think it would be better to add one for each of the two things as one could be implemented without the other

Expanding multiple levels of places:
0013219: [Places Tree view] Expand one place and all sub places with a single button

See what places have events attached without opening them:
0013220: [Places View] Method to show what place have events on them without clicking on them

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