People with events at same place

I have some relatives living in different buildings in the same Street (possibly over a hundred years apart). EG:

  • Joe Bloggs, born in 32, Acacia Avenue
  • Ann Dempsey, died in 57, Acacia Avenue
    I want to find ALL the people with an event contain ‘Acacia’.

How can I identify these people?

I am using GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2


Create a filter in Places under the General filters rules
Place with <ID> where the Id is for the Street

Create an Event filter under the General filters rules
Events of places matching the <place filter>

and lastly create a People filter under the Event filters rules
Persons with events matching the <event filter>

It is this last filter that you will run in the People sidebar filter pane.

Creating Custom Filters in Gramps

If you are using Addresses rather than Events with Places, there is a “House Timeline” add-on Gramplet.

Otherwise, set up a 3 stage custom filter: 1st, a Place custom filter looking for Places enclosed by another Place; 2nd an Event custom filter for Events occurring in <Places filter>; 3rd, a Persons with <Events filter>.

Here’s a “Filter Params” experimental add-on tool illustrating such a rule. (The example uses the example.gramps tree and looks for People with Events that occurred in place ID P00003: in the county of Alameda, California.)

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I had another rethink while making lunch…

The initial Place filter is wrong!!

Instead of Place with <ID> where the Id is for the Street

select the rule:
Places enclosed by another place where the Id is for the Street and check the box to include the street itself.

This same rule combination could be to set the place ID for Chicago. The results would be for any event in Chicago.

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