New user registration, no mail sent

Invited a few users to try out my site. Seems to be an issue with notification by email of a new user registration both to the registered admin or the new user. The users can be seen as “unconfirmed”, can be enabled and seem to function normally.

I tested by creating a test user myself and received notification of registering and also that a new user had registered. The former to the registering test user email and the latter to the “admin” email.

Below is a snipped of log that is in the time frame of the latest failed user notification.

Hi, this error is about an edit to a note not being accepted.

Errors about sending e-mails will be in the logs of the grampsweb_celery container.

Thanks. I’m seeing nothing much in the grampsweb_celery logs that look like errors.
Perhaps the issue was at the user end, but it would be reassuring to know for sure that the emails were successful.

Even tried opening a bash session there, but apparently using journalctl is beyond my skill set.

Below is from docker-compose logs -f grampsweb_celery, just now.

Yes, all the e-mails were successfully sent, so my best guess is that they ended up in the spam folder.