New Gramps User hurdles & obstacles

What were (are?) the items that slowed your becoming an effective user of Gramps?


Maybe I’ll have to seed the topic with my story.

I got into Gramps after discovering a scan of a 1924 Locke booklet (immigrant progenitor of my paternal grandmother’s mother’s line). The writing style was typical of 1920s genealogies – indecipherably convoluted.

I re-typeset the booklet to create a searchable digital copy but wanted to build indexing addenda too. So I decided to find a genealogy program to untangle the mess. (My last foray into Genealogy software had been in the 80s and the tool was so immature that it put me off the genre for decades…)

Eventually, I settled on Gramps. Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble coming up to speed because I was working on a machine without a net connection. And I hadn’t realized there was NO introductory text included with the download… and the Help Buttons were ALL net dependent.

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I was originally using my desktop PC because it had the scanner. I ended up having to switch to a less powerful laptop because I could walk to the nearby public library & use their hotspot.

If I was starting again today AND somehow knew what resources were available on Gramps website, I think I’d download the last (severely outdated) revision of the PDF manual.

Even though it’s for v3.3.x, it beats being completely fummoxed because you have nothing to which to refer.

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